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Department of Agricultural Economics

Core Research Areas

Research being conducted in the department varies in scope and area. Faculty specialize in and conduct research in the following areas.


Solving industry problems related to financial analysis, market development, risk management, consumer demand, food product quality, food safety, personnel management, production management, environmental issues, policy and others.

communityCommunity and regional economics

Addressing particular issues of concern for rural communities including public finance, economic development, health and education, resource utilization, local governance, and public services.

natural resourceNatural resources/environmental economics

Addressing critical resource issues including water quality and utilization, land use, waste management, and public policy.

globeInternational development, sustainability, and trade

Working with developing countries to enhance agricultural productivity, develop markets, build transportation infrastructure, increase efficiency, adopt technology, and assist in education and training. Investigating international markets, market opportunities and developments, food product regulations, and impacts of trade policy on domestic and international consumers, producers, and industry.

marketingPrice Analysis and Marketing

Analyzing agricultural price determinants, price forecasts, market demand, risk management, marketing contracts and alliances, vertical coordination and integration, market structure and competitiveness, marketing strategies, and policy.

financeProduction economics, farm management, and finance

Developing management techniques to increase profitability including financial leverage, capital investment, technology adoption, land valuation, information utilization, efficiency, and agricultural policy.


Analyzing current policy from development through implementation as well as increasing understanding of various issues, alternatives, and consequences of agricultural policy in assistance, trade, conservation, and other government programming

consumerConsumer economics

Analyzing changing retail markets, solving issues related to consumer services, ecologically beneficial consumption, economic security, entrepreneurship, social and consumer policies.