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Department of Agricultural Economics

For Parents and Guardians

Welcome to one of the most exciting and rewarding times in your life. Encouraging your son or daughter to continue his or her education is wise. And choosing a school that’s a good fit can take a little time. Rest assured that we are here to answer your questions. To better understand our education philosophy, you’ll need to know what we mean when we say “career-oriented” education. This is important because it defines who we are, from our curriculum, classroom experience, and advisory staff to our support services for students preparing to graduate.

Investing in Careers

Every program of study that’s offered by the Department of Agricultural Economics is regularly reviewed for relevance in the marketplace. Changes are made, if necessary, to integrate subject matter into the curriculum so that our degree programs reflect the way things are done in the real world of work. New programs also undergo an intense scrutiny to ensure that the curriculum reflects the needs of employers.

Investing in Experience

In addition to a strong general education at Kansas State University, students learn their profession as its practiced in the workplace. Our students also learn how to conduct themselves as professional men and women. They learn the importance of a good work ethic and how to work in our global environment as productive individuals. Our department also strives to introduce students to companies and real-world projects and encourages them to participate in an internship or study abroad experience.

Investing in the Future

The employment outlook for our graduates is great. The increasingly interdependent economic and agricultural environment make the careers our students pursue a needed part of our economy. Placement statistics for our students is very high at around 80%, with 17% seeking an advanced degree in agricultural economics, law, or even veterinary medicine. The average starting salary for our graduates is in the mid-40s.

Investing in Relationships

Questions? Ask away. Every admission, faculty, and administrative staff member is available to answer your questions. An on-site visit is highly recommended so that you get a feel for our welcoming community.

Become involved in the K-State Parents and Family Association. For more information about the association and to view resources to help your students have a successful college experience, visit http://www.k-state.edu/parentsandfamily/.

Cherie Hodgson
Academic Coordinator
343 Waters Hall
Manhattan, KS 66506