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Department of Agricultural Economics

Frequently Asked Questions

Application Process

Application Requirements

Financial Support

International Students

About K-State & the Department of Agricultural Economics


Application Process

What are the deadlines for applications?

We accept and review applications at any time of year, and students can enter the program either starting in the fall (August) or spring (January). To be fully considered for funding, applications should be submitted by January 8 for fall admission and by August 1 for spring admission. Whether you are applying for funding or not, international students must apply by these dates to allow sufficient time for visa processing. We will accept applications after these dates for domestic students, but initial funding allocations will be made in January and August. For applicants residing in the U.S. who are not requesting funding, the final application deadlines are May 1 for fall admission and October 1 for spring admission.


Who makes the decisions regarding admission to the graduate program?

The Graduate Committee is responsible for these decisions, and their decisions must be approved by the Graduate School. So, while we highly encourage prospective students to contact faculty to find out about research opportunities, it is important to understand that final decisions for admission are made by the Graduate Committee, not by individual faculty members with whom you might work. The committee's purpose is to select the best students from the applicant pool.



Is there a separate application required for transfer students?

No. There is only one application for all prospective students.


May I transfer credit from another university or graduate degree?

Yes. Specific transfer credits will be awarded on a case by case basis.



Application Requirements

Can I email you my transcript/TOEFL/GRE so that you can provide an assessment of my chance of being admitted/funded before I formally apply for your program?

No. The Graduate Committee only evaluates submitted online applications that are complete. This includes an online application (and the application fee), official academic transcripts (college and beyond), three letters of recommendation, a statement of objectives, GRE scores, a TOEFL/IELTS report (international application only), and a completed copy of the affidavit of financial support (international application only). Note that only the official IELTS/TOEFL/GRE reports directly sent to us from the test agencies are considered valid.


What are the average GPA/TOEFL/IELTS/GRE scores of past admitted students?

We do not have specific GPA or test scores that guarantee either admission or denial of admission. However, given the importance of quantitative skills in our graduate program, the committee will pay close attention to the GRE quantitative score.  


Can I email you the supporting documents?

No. Supporting documents should be uploaded to CollegeNet when you fill out the online application.


The online application form asks for names and contact information of the three references. Will they be contacted to get the letters of recommendation?

Yes. If you enter in the email addresses of your references, they will be contacted to upload their recommendation letter and/or recommendation form via a secure web link. Please remember to hit "submit recommendation request" on the application so your recommenders are notified.

Letters of recommendation can be tracked by students online. Click Review Your Activity to display the names of your recommenders, edit recommenders, send reminders and see where each recommender is in the process. Please remember to hit "submit recommendation request" on the application so your recommenders are notified.


What are the institution codes for TOEFL/GRE?

Currently, for those who provide their official TOEFL/GRE reports, the Kansas State University institution code is 6334. International applicants who have received degrees in the last two years from a United States (or United Kingdom, Australia, Ghana, Canada, but not French Canadian) college or university are not required to submit a TOEFL score but must take an English Proficiency Test upon arrival to Kansas State University. If he or she fails the EPT test, he or she must take some ESL courses. 




Financial Support

What kind of financial support can I expect?

Our department offers Graduate Teaching Assistantships and Graduate Research Assistantships.

Graduate Assistantships are awarded based on a student's ability and promise. They usually last nine or 12 months at a time. The maximum appointment is half time, but appointments for lesser fractions also may be made. Continuation of appointments is subject to availability of funds and academic performance.


How much will tuition and fees cost?

Details about estimated living costs, tuition, and additional fees can be found on the Division of Financial Services website


Are there any scholarships or fellowships available?

Yes, view External Fellowships and Scholarships offered to graduate students. The fellowships and scholarships are listed in alphabetical order.


International Students

How long after I receive the department's admission notification from the graduate school will I receive the official admission and I-20?

We send an email to an applicant to notify him/her of our recommendation of admission/rejection as soon as we make a decision, usually in February or March. However, our email is only a recommendation to the Graduate School. You should wait for the official admission letter and I-20 before you make travel plans. It generally takes 12 weeks between the time we send you the email and the time the Graduate School sends out the official admission letter and I-20. 


Do I have to buy health insurance while attending Kansas State?

Yes, K-State requires that all international students be covered by health insurance. If insurance is not supplied by a sponsor or agency, it can be purchased upon arrival. Health insurance should be maintained during your entire stay at K-State. Please visit at the K-State International Students & Scholars Services for more information.


 International Students please refer to the K-State Graduate School, or the K-State International Students & Scholars Services for more information.



About K-State & the Department of Agricultural Economics:

Can I visit K-State to see if it's the right place for me?

Yes, students who have already applied to the Department of Agricultural Economics graduate programs are welcome to visit campus and meet with our current students and faculty. Please email Erin Craig at eedcraig@ksu.edu to make arrangements for a campus visit.


What other information can you provide about the department and the university?

You are encouraged to browse the following web pages about the department, the graduate school, and the university:





What is the typical length of graduate studies in your department?

Students in the M.S. program are typically able to complete the program in 21 months. Students in the Ph.D. program are typically able to complete the program in 36 months.


In the admission letter I received from the Graduate School, it says that you (the Director of Graduate Studies) will be my advisor. Does that mean I will work on my dissertation under your supervision?

No. That is a common misunderstanding. The Graduate School appoints the Director of Graduate Studies as the advisor for all incoming graduate students in our department. The director will advise you on courses to take etc. upon your arrival. However, by the end of your second semester (see the Graduate Handbook for Master's Students and the Graduate Handbook for Ph.D. Students), you should choose your major professor and file the program of study. You will work on your dissertation under the supervision of your major professor from then on.

Graduate Program Information

For information regarding our on-campus Master's degree and Ph.D. options, please contact:

Dr. Nathan Hendricks
Director of Graduate Programs
326 Waters Hall

For information on our online Master of Agribusiness program, please contact:

Mary Bowen
Master of Agribusiness Program 
306 Waters Hall
Phone: 785.532.4435