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Department of Agricultural Economics

Nathan Hendricks

Associate Professorhendricks

326 Waters Hall
Manhattan, KS 66506
785.532.6925 | Fax


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B.S., Agricultural Economics, Kansas State University, 2005
M.S., Agricultural Economics, Kansas State University, 2007
Ph.D., Agricultural and Resource Economics, University of California Davis, 2011

Research Interests and Experience

The overall goal of my research program is to better understand how economic incentives affect the supply of agricultural products and the interaction between agricultural production and the environment and natural resources. This often leads me to focus within three areas: agricultural policy, land use, and water. 

Teaching Responsibilities

AGEC 315 | Contemporary Issues in Global Food and Agricultural Systems
AGEC 810 | Price, Income, and Trade Policies in Agriculture
AGEC 936 | Quantitative Topics in Agricultural Economics

Areas of Specialization

Production Economics
Agricultural Policy
Land Use

Key Publications

Hendricks, N.P., S. Sinnathamby, K. Douglas-Mankin, A. Smith, D.A. Sumner, and D.H. Earnhart. Forthcoming. “The Environmental Effects of Crop Price Increases: Nitrogen Losses in the U.S. Corn Belt.” Journal of Environmental Economics and Management, in press.

Peterson, J.M., C.M. Smith, J.C. Leatherman, N.P. Hendricks, and J.A. Fox. 2014. “Transaction Costs in Payment for Environmental Service Contracts.” American Journal of Agricultural Economics, in press.

Hendricks, N.P., J.P. Janzen, and A. Smith. 2014. “Futures Prices in Supply Analysis: Are Instrumental Variables Necessary?” American Journal of Agricultural Economics doi: 10.1093/ajae/aau062.

Hendricks, N.P., A. Smith, and D.A. Sumner. 2014. “Crop Supply Dynamics and the Illusion of Partial Adjustment.” American Journal of Agricultural Economics doi: 10.1093/ajae/aau024.

Hendricks, N.P., and D.A. Sumner. 2014. “The Effects of Policy Expectations on Crop Supply, with an Application to Base Updating.” American Journal of Agricultural Economics 96(3):903-923.

Hendricks, N.P., J.P. Janzen, and K.C. Dhuyvetter. 2012 “Subsidy Incidence and Inertia in Farmland Rental Markets: Estimates from a Dynamic Panel.” Journal of Agricultural and Resource Economics 37(3):361-378.

Hendricks, N.P. and J.M. Peterson. 2012. “Fixed Effects Estimation of the Intensive and Extensive Margins of Irrigation Water Demand” Journal of Agricultural & Resource Economics 37(1):1-19.