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Department of Agricultural Economics

Jason Bergtold


307 Waters Hall
Manhattan, KS 66506
785.532.6925 | Fax

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Research Interests and Experience

Dr. Bergtold’s research includes: production economics, environmental economics, energy economics and applied econometrics. I have extensively examined the economics of conservation policy and production practices; bioenergy and renewable energy production; environmental and nonmarket valuation and state choice methods; interaction between agricultural practices, conservation policy and the environment at the farm level; examination of economic, farm, policy and social factors influencing land-use and land cover change across agricultural landscapes; and applied econometrics in the areas of model specification issues and discrete choice modeling. 


B.A., Economics, Colorado State University, 1999
M.S., Agricultural and Applied Economics, Virginia Tech University, 2001
Ph.D., Economics, Virginia Tech University, 2004

Teaching responsibilities

AGEC 120 | Agricultural Economics and Agribusiness | Fall | On Campus
AGEC 121 | Honors Agricultural Economics and Agribusiness | Fall | On Campus
AGEC 712 | Optimization Techniques for Agricultural Economists | Spring | On Campus
AGEC 761 | Optimization Techniques for Agribusiness | MAB Program | Distance
AGEC 936 | Quantitative Topics in Agricultural Economics | Spring | On-Campus
AGEC 955 | Discrete Choice Methods and Applications | Varies | On Campus

Areas of Specialization

Production Economics
Bioenergy and Renewable Energy
Land Use and Land Cover Change
Applied Econometrics