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Department of Agricultural Economics

Internships and Employment

In today's job market, experience matters. The best way to get ahead is with a paid, or unpaid, internship in a field directly related to your area of study. Students in the Department of Agricultural Economics have gained real-world experience through a variety of internships.

Why get an internship?

  • 80% of internships lead to job offers
  • Gain valuable work experience
  • Try out different careers and work environments
  • Apply classroom knowledge in the real world
  • Develop transferable skills in leadership, communication, teamwork and technology
  • Develop a professional network

Learn more about receiving academic credit for your internship.

Internship Reports

Please use the following forms to provide a report about your internship experience. Your responses help upgrade the quality of the internship program, and we value your feedback. Your responses will be confidential.

Interim internship report form*
Please complete the Interim Report Form after the first few weeks of working at your internship.

Final internship report form*
Please complete the Final Report Form at the conclusion of your internship.

*If the fillable PDFs are not displaying in Chrome: Open Chrome Settings > click on Advanced > Site Settings under 'Privacy & Security' > click on PDF Documents > toggle off the switch stating Download PDF files instead of automatically opening them in Chrome. Close the browser and restart it once again.

If you have trouble emailing the PDF, please print the form or save it and attach to an email to Cherie Hodgson at chodgson@ksu.edu. You can also download Adobe Reader for free here.

Helpful Links

Internship Policies and Procedures
Internship Dates and Deadlines
What's an internship?
Get help with your resume and interviewing skills

You are family and we are here to help you with your internship and job search needs!

Dr. Elizabeth Yeager
Associate Professor and Director of Undergraduate Programs
343D Waters Hall
Phone: 785.532.4935

Cherie Hodgson
Academic Program Coordinator
343C Waters Hall
Phone: 785.532.4559

Career and Employment Services