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Department of Agricultural Economics

Prospective Students

We are pleased that you are interested in the graduate program in Agricultural Economics at Kansas State University. Graduate education in Agricultural Economics stresses the development of superior competence as an applied economic analyst. Students should have the desire to understand and solve the complex and changing economic problems facing the food and agricultural industries, and rural society and our natural resources and the desire and ability to learn methods of rigorous logical analysis.

In these pages you will find detailed information about our department including the admissions process, course offerings and requirements, and answers to frequently asked questions about our program. 



Dr. Nathan Hendricks
Director of Graduate Programs
326 Waters Hall

Erin Craig
Graduate Programs Coordinator
304 Waters Hall

For information on our online Master of Agribusiness program, please contact:

Mary Bowen
Master of Agribusiness Program 
306 Waters Hall
Phone: 785.532.4435