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Department of Agricultural Economics

Internship Experiences

Du Pont Pioneer

Zach Otott • Manhattan, KS
Junior in Agribusiness

Zach Otott had a research based internship with Du Pont Pioneer in Garden City. He worked with corn, soybeans, and wheat, taking agronomic notes at different growth stages. He helped harvest, thresh, clean and weigh new hi-bred wheat plots, all by hand. Otott also lead a team hand pollinating a corn block.

zach ottot 

John Deere

Katie O’Brien • Matfield Green, KS
Senior in Agribusiness

Katie O’Brien was involved with the marketing division of John Deere and benefited from an internship position in one of the largest agricultural companies. She enjoyed dealing with the newest technology, and fielding the equipment for the first time.

Katie O'Brien

Consolidated Grain and Barge

Grady Kay • Boonville, MO
Senior in Agricultural Economics

Grady Kay assisted operations in services for producers and logistics for customers on a global scale. He worked with merchandising commodities, and engaged with industry leaders to find solutions in today’s dynamic agricultural markets.

Grady Kay

Lansing Trade Group

Coleman Forst • Marysville, KS
Senior Agricultural Economics

Coleman Forst worked closely with traders in Overland Park, KS. He learned firsthand about the various trade flows in the wheat middlings market. Forst helped coordinate logistics routes to facilitate Landsings cross country trading desk. He also worked on sourcing new end users in the upper Midwest area.

Coleman Forst

Farm Credit East

Chelsea Kegler • Mansfield Center, CT
Senior in Agricultural Economics

Chelsea Kegler was a credit intern at Farm Credit East in Hornell, New York. The information she imput into balance sheets and income statements was used by loan officers and credit analysts to put together loan packages. Kegler also worked with their legal department on better vendor management to make Farm Credit East more efficient.

chelsea kegler