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Department of Agricultural Economics

Scholarships and Financial Aid

Application for K-State Scholarships: Students complete and submit this application if they would like to apply for scholarships.

Review/Update K-State Scholarship Application

College of Agriculture Scholarships

To encourage and provide partial financial support for student experiences in other countries, the K-State University College of Agriculture offers several travel scholarships on a competitive basis. Students considering group study tours, summer study programs and semester abroad programs are eligible to apply.

Several scholarship funds have been established to support College of Agriculture students who study abroad. To apply for these scholarships, complete the application and send a hard copy and resume to Don Boggs, 117 Waters Hall, Kansas State University, Manhattan, Kansas 66506-4008. The International Agricultural Advisory Committee reviews the applications and announces the scholarship awards in late March.

International Agricultural Study Abroad Scholarship Application

Office of International Programs Scholarships

KSU SGA Study Abroad Scholarships

The Office of International Programs awards the SGA study abroad scholarships in the amount of $500 to $1,000 for a semester or academic year and $250 to $400 for summer programs.

To see the listing of Study Abroad Scholarships, click here. The application for Study Abroad Scholarships is available in the Office of International Programs, 304 Fairchild Hall.

Rotary Ambassadorial Scholarships

To be eligible:

  • Have completed at least 1.5 years of college
  • Be an adventuresome, empathetic scholar
  • Not be a Rotarian, child or grandchild of a Rotarian

Awards range from $13,000 to $26,500!

Rebecca Gould, 785.532.2298, ragou@ksu.edu

National and International Scholarships

Jim Hohenbary is the campus coordinator for those prestigious scholarships that require candidates to be nominated by the University. His office also advises K-State students as they seek to identify and compete for scholarships and other academic prizes that are nationally and internationally competitive. Please contact him for more information about study abroad scholarships. You can pick up a list of selected national scholarships for study abroad in the study abroad office (304 Fairchild Hall).

Jim Hohenbary
Scholarship Advisor
112 Eisenhower Hall
(785) 532-6904

Financial Aid

All Federal funds (loans and grants) are applicable to study abroad by law, where K-State has a program affiliation. In a few cases where students enroll directly, financial aid may not apply.  Your study abroad advisor can help you estimate your costs when you choose a program. Almost all scholarships can be used for study abroad except in the very rare case where residence on campus is required.

You must contact the Office of Student Financial Assistance, (104 Fairchild Hall) to work out a financial aid package that suits your needs. The advisors are prepared to work with study abroad needs and problems. You will have to provide the financial aid advisor with a budget for your program that includes program fees and other expenses. For instance, not all program fees cover room and board. Some, but not many, include international travel. You will also have to plan for books and other course materials, as well as for personal expenses. The Study Abroad office has these budgets prepared for you for KSU programs.

Please keep in mind that most loan and grant programs have a maximum amount you can receive during your college career. Financial aid for your study abroad is included within that maximum.

K-State Financial Aid and Scholarships


College of Agriculture and Scholarships


Priority Deadlines

Priority deadlines must be met in order to be eligible for university scholarships.

November 1- Incoming Freshman

February 1 - Incoming Transfer and Current Students

March 1 - Deadline to apply for federal student aid (including grants, loans and work-study)

Office of Student Financial Assistance

104 Fairchild Hall
Kansas State University
Manhattan, KS 66506-1104
877-817-2287 toll free
785-532-7628 fax