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Department of Agricultural Economics

Facilities at Waters Hall

Waters Hall 2

The Department of Agricultural Economics is located in historic Waters Hall on the Kansas State campus. Limestone buildings surround us, each with its own unique architecture. Hale Library is just yards away and easily accessible from our facilities.

Our student computer labs and classrooms have been remodeled to provide the latest technological resources for our students. Our new undergraduate student center featuring a study lounge equipped with sofas and chairs as well as study tables, computers, and Bloomberg computers. We recognize that the teaching environment is a key component of the overall student learning experience.

The graduate student working environment lends itself to relationship building and a close camaraderie between students, which is useful for peer input and professional development.

The Kansas State University Setting

 Kansas State University is located in the heartland of America in Manhattan, Kansas. Manhattan was founded by accident in 1855 by members of the Cincinnati Company and small groups of local settlers after the steamboat Hartford ran aground in the Kansas River about a mile upstream from the mouth of the Big Blue River. The first post office was established in 1856, and the city was incorporated February 14, 1857.

Manhattan, KS

Today, about 56,000 people live in Manhattan, officially nicknamed "The Little Apple" in 1977. The city, very near the geographic center of the United States, is located in the picturesque Flint Hills, named for the geologic bands of flint. Gravel from these flinty bands convinced many early settlers that the land was not suitable for cultivation, but some pioneers built farms in the sheltered valleys where water was available year round and where their cattle could graze on the grassy uplands. Much of the Flint Hills region is still largely untouched by plow and is the last large preserve of native tall grass prairie in the United States.

Manhattan has 21 neighborhood parks, one major shopping mall, and a great zoo. The tree-shaded streets, walks, and limestone buildings on the K-State campus make it a beautiful setting for students and residents of the town.

KSU Athletics at www.kstatesports.com
Chamber of Commerce at www.manhattan.org
The Manhattan Mercury at www.themercury.com

Climate: Kansas has typical continental climate with rather large changes in temperature between winter (January) and summer (July).

If you plan to visit, please view our K-State Visitor’s Guide for additional helpful information including directions, parking instructions, how to schedule a campus tour, and more.