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Department of Agricultural Economics

Aleksan Shanoyan

Associate Professorshanoyan

304 G Waters Hall
Manhattan, KS 66506
785.532.6925 | Fax

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B.S., Economics and Accounting, Armenian Agricultural Academy, 2003
M.S., Agricultural Economics, University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign, 2007
Ph.D., Agricultural, Food and Resource Economics, Michigan State University, 2011

Research Interests and Experience

Aleksan Shanoyan’s research is in the area of agribusiness economics and management with the focus on supply chain coordination, strategic management, and business development. His research projects have addressed issues across number of industries ranging from dairy, meat, and vegetables to grain and biofuel in local, regional, and international contexts.  His most recent research projects examine contracting and vertical coordination strategies in beef and biofuel supply chains, resilience of agri-food systems, big data applications in agriculture, and facilitation of agri-food supply chains in developing economies. Aleksan teaches courses in food and agribusiness management strategies at the undergraduate and graduate levels.

Teaching Responsibilities

AGEC 318 | Food and Agribusiness Management | Spring
AGEC 599 | Food and Agribusiness Management Strategies | Spring
AGEC 880 | Agribusiness Industry Structures | Spring