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Department of Agricultural Economics

Keith Harris

Associate ProfessorKeith Harris

318 Waters Hall
Manhattan, KS 66506


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B.S., Agribusiness, Lincoln University, 1986
MAB, Kansas State University, 2006
Ph.D., Rural Sociology, University of Missouri, 2012

Research Interests and Experience

Keith D. Harris is an Assistant Professor of Agribusiness Management in the Department of Agricultural Economics at Kansas State University.  His work analyzes of agrifood supply chains within the context of a complex network of differing chain partners and relationships.  As such, the organizational transactions depend on the outcome of other relationships within the chains and networks.  His research area includes agrifood chains for fresh agricultural products (vegetables and fruits) and processed food products (meats and snacks) and it is comprised of growers, auctions, processors, wholesalers, retailers and specialty shops.  Dr. Harris’ research ultimately explores how different companies, who may compete in other chains, collaborate strategically in one or more areas while preserving their own identity and autonomy.

Dr. Harris’ academic and industry careers have been dedicated to the food and agriculture industries. He is a food supply chain professional with 20 years of success in global purchasing, and risk management strategies for agricultural commodities. As a practitioner, Dr. Harris held key management responsibilities with companies such as General Mills Inc., Sara Lee Foods Inc., and Smithfield/Farmland Foods before beginning an academic career at Kansas State University.  

Teaching responsibilities

AGEC 318 | Agribusiness Management Principles
AGEC 599 | Agribusiness Management Strategy
AGEC 632 | Agribusiness Logistics 
AGEC 700 | Managerial Economics
AGEC 730 | Applied Agribusiness Supply Chain