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Department of Agricultural Economics

Jason Bergtold


307 Waters Hall
Manhattan, KS 66506
785.532.6925 | Fax

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Research Interests and Experience

Dr. Bergtold’s research includes: production economics, environmental economics, energy economics and applied econometrics. I have extensively examined the economics of conservation policy and production practices; bioenergy and renewable energy production; environmental and nonmarket valuation and state choice methods; interaction between agricultural practices, conservation policy and the environment at the farm level; examination of economic, farm, policy and social factors influencing land-use and land cover change across agricultural landscapes; and applied econometrics in the areas of model specification issues and discrete choice modeling. 


B.A., Economics, Colorado State University, 1999
M.S., Agricultural and Applied Economics, Virginia Tech University, 2001
Ph.D., Economics, Virginia Tech University, 2004

Teaching responsibilities

AGEC 120 | Agricultural Economics and Agribusiness | Fall | On Campus
AGEC 121 | Honors Agricultural Economics and Agribusiness | Fall | On Campus
AGEC 712 | Optimization Techniques for Agricultural Economists | Spring | On Campus
AGEC 761 | Optimization Techniques for Agribusiness | MAB Program | Distance
AGEC 936 | Quantitative Topics in Agricultural Economics | Spring | On-Campus
AGEC 955 | Discrete Choice Methods and Applications | Varies | On Campus

Areas of Specialization

Production Economics
Bioenergy and Renewable Energy
Land Use and Land Cover Change
Applied Econometrics

Graduate Student Mentees

Weldensie Embaye
Noah Miller
Amer Al-Sudani
Brian Lauer
Sang Su Ha

Key Publications

Sanderson, M.R, J.S. Bergtold, J.L. Heier Stamm, M.M. Caldas and S.R. Ramsey. “Bringing the ‘Social’ into Social-Hydrology: Application to Conservation Policy Support in the Central Great Plains of Kansas, USA.” Water Resources Research (Accepted July 2017): Forthcoming.

Bergtold, J.S., M.M. Caldas, A.C. Sant’Anna, G. Granco and V. Rickenbrode. “Indirect Land-Use Change from Ethanol Production: The Case of Sugarcane Expansion at the Farm Level on the Brazilian Cerrado.” Land Use Science (Accepted June 2017): Forthcoming.

Griffin, T.W., N.J. Miller, J.S. Bergtold, A. Shanoyan, A. Sharda and I.A. Ciampitti. “Farm Sequence of Adoption of Information-Intensive Precision Agricultural Technology.” Applied Engineering in Agriculture (Accepted June 2017): Forthcoming.

Bergtold, J.S., S.M. Ramsey, L. Maddy and J.R. Williams. “A Review of Economic Considerations for Cover Crops as a Conservation Practice,” Renewable Agriculture and Food Systems (AcceptedApril 2017): DOI: https://doi.org/10.1017/S1742170517000278

Bergtold, J.S., E.A. Yeager and A.M. Featherstone. “Sample Size and Robustness of Inferences from Logistic Regression in the Presence of Rare Events, Nonlinearity, and Multicollinearity.” Journal of Applied Statistics (Accepted January 2017): Forthcoming. 

Bergtold, J.S., A. Shanoyan, J.E. Fewell and J.R. Williams. “Annual Bioenergy Crops for Biofuel Production: Farmers’ Contractual Preferences for Producing Sweet Sorghum.” Energy 119(2017): 724 – 731.

Lynes, M.K., J.S. Bergtold, J.R. Williams and J.E. Fewell. “Farmers’ Willingness to Produce Alternative Cellulosic Biofuel Feedstocks: An Analysis of Adoption and Initial Acreage Allocation.” Energy Economics 59(2016): 336-348.

Caldas, M.M., J.S. Bergtold, J.M. Peterson and D. Earnhart. “Land Use Choices: The Case of Conservation Reserve Program (CRP) Re-Enrollment in Kansas.” Land Use Science 11(5)(2016): 579 – 594. 

Fewell, J.E., J.S. Bergtold and J.R Williams. “Farmers’ Willingness to Contract Switchgrass as a Cellulosic Bioenergy Crop in Kansas.” Energy Economics 55(2016): 292 – 302.

Atems, B. and J. Bergtold. “Revisiting the Statistical Specification of Near-Multicollinearity in the Logistic Regression Model.” Studies in Nonlinear Dynamics & Econometrics (published online August 2015): doi: 10.1515/snde-2013-0052

Caldas, M.M., M.R. Sanderson, M. Mather, M.D. Daniels, J.S. Bergtold, J. Aistrup, J.L. Heier-Stamm, D. Haukos, K. Douglas-Mankin, A.Y. Sheshukov and D. Lopez-Carr. “Opinion: Endogenizing Culture in Sustainability Science and Research and Policy.” Proceedings of the National Academy of Science 112(27)(2015): 8157 – 8159.

Bergtold, J.S., J.E. Fewell and J.R. Williams. “Farmers' Willingness to Produce Alternative Cellulosic Biofuel Feedstocks Under Contract in Kansas Using Stated Choice Experiments.” Bioenergy Research 7(2014): 876 – 884.

Bergtold, J.S. and E. Onukwugha. “The Probabilistic Reduction Approach to Specifying Multinomial Logistic Regression Models in Health Outcomes Research.” Journal of Applied Statistics 41(2014): 2206 – 2221.

Bergtold, J.S., P.A. Duffy, D. Hite and R.L. Raper. “Demographic and Management Factors Affecting the Adoption and Perceived Yield Benefit of Winter Cover Crops.” Journal of Agricultural and Applied Economics 44(1)(2012): 99 – 116.

Odeh, O.O., A.M. Featherstone and J.S. Bergtold. “Reliability of Statistical Software.” American Journal of Agricultural Economics. 92(5)(2010): 1472 – 1489.

Bergtold, J.S., A. Spanos and E. Onukwugha. “Bernoulli Regression Models: Revisiting the Specification of Statistical Models with Binary Dependent Variables.” Journal of Choice Modeling. 3(2010): 1-28.

Bergtold, J.S. and J.J. Molnar. “Limited Access to Conservation: Limited Resource Farmer Participation in the Conservation Security Program in the Southeast.” Journal of Agricultural and Applied Economics. 42(2010): 211-227.

Key Grants for Research:

National Science Foundation. “REU Site: Summer Academy in Sustainable BioEnergy.” with M. Rezac. 2014 to 2018. Amount: $325,800.

National Science Foundation. “CNH: Coupled Climate, Cultivation and Culture in the Great Plains:Understanding Water Supply and Water Quality in a Fragile Landscape” with M.D. Daniels, J.A. Aistrup, M.M. Caldas, A. Sheshukov, M.E. Mather, J. H. Stamm and D. Haukos. 2013 to 2018. Amount: $1,444,285.

National Science Foundation, “Land Change in Brazil’s Cerrado: Ethanol and Sugar Cane Expansion at the Farm and Industry Scale,” with M. Caldas, T. Xia, J.C. Brown, J. Feddema, D. Peterson, and J. Kastens. 2013 to 2018. Amount: $524,999

USDA, Agricultural Research Service and Office of Naval Research, “Analysis of Farmer Willingness to Produce Oilseeds for Biofuel in the Western U.S.” 2012 to 2017, Amount: $220,000.

USDA, National Institute of Food and Agriculture, Agriculture and Food Research Initiative (AFRI) Foundation Grant, “Small and Medium Size Farmers’ Ability and Willingness to Supply Carbon Offsets through Carbon Markets and Conservation Crop Production,” with J. Williams, J. Peterson, M. Langemeier and S. Staggenborg, 2011-2014, Amount: $499,334.

Sun Grant Initiative (Oklahoma State University and Department of Transportation), South Central Region, “Farmers’ Willingness to Produce Cellulosic Biofuel Feedstocks Under Alternative Contractual, Pricing and Harvesting Arrangements,” with J. Williams, M. Langemeier, R. Nelson, S. Staggenborg and F. Epplin, 2009-2012, Amount: $233,000.