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Department of Agricultural Economics

Bryan Schurle

Professor EmeritusBryan Schurle



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Mathematics, Emporia Kansas State College, 1972
M.S., Computer and Information Science, The Ohio State University, 1974
Ph.D., Agricultural Economics, The Ohio State University, 1977

Research Interests and Experience

Bryan Schurle has taught courses on finance, optimizing techniques, risk management, and principles of agricultural economics. His interests include the application of computer techniques to agribusiness problems. Schurle’s research and extension efforts are oriented to finance and farm management issues including land values and risk management.

Areas of Specialization

Risk Management

Key Publications

Bryan Schurle, Christine A. Wilson, Allen M. Featherstone, Hugo Remaury, and Jacob Harmon, “Asset Bubbles, Inflation, and Agricultural Land Values”, 2012 Journal of the ASFMRA, 135-147.


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