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Department of Agricultural Economics

Upcoming Events

Risk Managment on the Farm Online Class
Available Now

This self-paced course will teach principles of determining cost of production, developing a marketing plan, evaluating crop insurance options, and participating in farm programs (ARC/PLC). Participants will work with a case farm to apply these topics to a real-world farming operation through hands-on, self-graded activities. The goal is for participants to acquire risk management skills they can apply directly to their own farming operations. The bulk of this course focuses on risk management for row-crop farming operations but also includes similar risk management principles for beef cow/calf operations. Contact Robin Reid for more information.

Farm Financial Management Online Class
Available Now

Self-paced online course for farmers and ranchers of all types. Six Lessons: Recordkeeping, Balance Sheet, Income Statement, Cash Flow, Managing Family Living Expenses, Goal Setting. Three case farm activities to apply what you learn. Contact Robin Reid for more information.

K-State Commencement
May 13-15, Manhattan, KS

Risk and Profit Conference
August 16-17,  Manhattan, KS

Agricultural Economics Scholarship Banquet
September 30, Manhattan, KS

Agricultural Economics Tailgate
October 1, Manhattan, KS
KSU vs vs Texas Tech - Celebrate Ag Day

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