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Department of Agricultural Economics

Land Use Survey Center Needs Your Input

SurveyWith support from the Kansas Department of Agriculture and the Kansas Department of Revenue, the Land Use Survey Center has exciting opportunities to pursue research on the agriculture industry in Kansas. Most of the research focuses on land leasing, land values, and production costs.

That’s where you come in! Your participation in surveys makes maintaining, growing, and developing the industry possible. Currently, we are conducting three surveys. Two of the surveys focus on land leasing for irrigated farms and bluestem pasture acreage. The third, in conjunction with the Kansas Horse Council, focuses on the equine industry. Gathering this information is essential to developing a strategic plan for the future of the agriculture industry in Kansas. We need your help to make this happen. You are the source for this information. Your participation ensures that accurate information is disseminated to the agriculture industry in Kansas.  

Please follow this link, www.tinyurl.com\bluestem2021 to complete the Bluestem Pasture survey online.

Please follow this link, www.tinyurl.com\irrigate2021 to complete the Irrigated Farm Leasing survey online.

Please follow this link, www.tinyurl.com\equineks to complete the Kansas Horse Council survey online.

If you prefer a paper copy of any of these surveys, or have any questions, please do not hesitate to contact Leah Tsoodle at ltsoodle@ksu.edu or 785-630-1999. We would really like to hear from you!