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Department of Agricultural Economics

Cherie Hodgson receives award for academic advising

Cherie HodgsonCherie Hodgson, undergraduate academic coordinator for the agricultural economics department, was presented the January Charlie Award for Outstanding Advising by the K-State Advisor Forum.

Hodgson was nominated for the award by her colleague, Dr. Christine Wilson. As an advisor, Hodgson goes the extra mile to ensure her students and colleagues have all the resources they need.

"Hodgson is a critical member of our undergraduate program in the Department of Agricultural Economics," Wilson said in her nomination. "The support she provides to me as the program director, to our faculty in advising, and to our students is second to none. When faculty are away, Hodgson assists their students, when faculty have questions or need resources, Hodgson provides the answer."

Wilson said Hodgson also cares deeply for the students. 

“When new freshmen want to quit and go home, she listens, provides them encouragement, and sets up individual weekly meetings with them to help them get through the early rough patch. Her positive impact on advising is significant; her quality of work is outstanding. She is awesome, and she does an awesome job!”

Hodgson has been advising since she was in graduate school. Hodgson loves advising because she gets to work with a fun age group who have just left home and are becoming independent individuals. Advisors have a major role in student success and making their college careers filled with opportunities.

“It was nice to be recognized for my role, but it was not essential for me to love my job,” said Hodgson.

The Agricultural Economics department is thankful for the role that Hodgson plays in the lives of their students. Hodgson takes advising in our department seriously, encourages others to do the same, and is always there to lend a helping hand. Congratulations Cherie!