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Department of Agricultural Economics

Orlen Grunewald

Professor Emeritusgrunewald

331 F Waters Hall
Manhattan, KS 66506
785-532-6925 | Fax


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Department "Last Lecture"
 This video is a recording of Orlen Grunewald's "Last Lecture" held February 4, 2015. It can be accessed from the department's YouTube channel or viewed from this page. For assistance viewing this video, please contact Amanda Erichsen at aerichsen@ksu.edu.

B.A., Regional Planning Univ. of Wisconsin-Green Bay, 1973
M.S., Agricultural Economics University of Kentucky, 1975
Ph.D., Agricultural Economics University of Kentucky, 1980

Research Interests and Experience

Orlen Grunewald teaches undergraduate courses in agribusiness management, agribusiness marketing, and computer applications focusing on building business spreadsheets. He has authored a textbook on food and agribusiness management for beginning students. His research activities focus on investigating the impacts of identity-preserved crops and livestock on supply chain management and agribusiness structures.

Area of Specialization