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Department of Agricultural Economics

WOAH Collaborating Center for the Economics 
of Animal Health - Americas Region

What we do

We work to improve animal health and welfare across the globe. By collecting, analyzing and disseminating veterinary scientific information, we encourage international solidarity in the control of animal health risks. Furthermore, we work across borders to foster a One Health approach, recognizing that the health of animals, humans and the environment are interdependent.

We have a five-year work plan to develop decision-making tools and improve communication on the economic impacts of animal disease, ultimately improving the health of those animals.

Dustin Pendell, a professor in K-State's department of agricultural economics, was named head of the Americas region of the Collaborating Center for the Economics of Animal Health. The project is supported by the World Organisation for Animal Health, or WOAH, which has headquarters in Paris, France.


For More Information:

Dr. Dustin Pendell
220 Waters Hall
Manhattan, KS 66506
785.532.6925 | Fax