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Department of Agricultural Economics

Kansas State National Agri-Marketing Association (NAMA)

The Kansas State National Agri-Marketing Association is a great way for college students to begin their careers in the agricultural industry.

Membership is open to students from every discipline on campus. The goal is to complement other student clubs. NAMA student chapters cut across disciplinary lines, allowing a broad exchange of information and ideas.

As a student NAMA member you have unlimited resources at your fingertips to help market yourself in the industry.
• Network with professionals in the industry • Develop marketing and communications skills • Expand your skills by serving as a chapter leader

Club Meetings – Twice a month, on set Mondays at 5:30

At our student chapter meetings, guest speakers provide valuable insight on a variety of topics including: • Career Development • Marketing • Motivation • Research and Development • Personal Advancement • Advertising • Public Relations • Sales

Team Meetings -- TBD

Kansas State NAMA’s team has been very successful, capturing 4 national championships, and consistently being in the finals. The team is open to anyone and everyone that wants to participate in marketing a selected product at competition, from picking the product to creating the executive summary and presentation. When finalizing the product and starting to create the presentation during spring semester, individuals will be selected to present the presentation at the NAMA competition held in April of every year.

You do not have to be involved in both the team and the club. If you are on the team, you are automatically in the club. However, if you just want an opportunity to network with marketing and agricultural leaders the club is a great place to start.


David Lehman
343B Waters Hall
Manhattan, KS 66506
Phone: 785-341-1537
Email: lehman@ksu.edu