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Department of Agricultural Economics

Future Undergraduate Students

The world is full of opportunities. You will invest your time, effort, and money making sure you are ready for those opportunities. You want to be sure that you get the results you want: a successful career. Through our programs the opportunities and careers are almost endless. Spend some time exploring what possible careers are waiting for you with a degree in agricultural economics or agribusiness.

The Department of Agricultural Economics takes great pride in the quality students that graduate from our program. We endeavor during your time on-campus and beyond to develop personal relationships and customize your educational goals with your career goals.

Getting an education is a major goal, but it’s one which usually leads to the real goal — landing that all-important first job that launches your career. To help make that leap, our students turn to the personalized, comprehensive services offered by the Department of Agricultural Economics and Career and Employment Services.

How our graduates measure up

The efforts of the Department of Agricultural Economics contribute to our strong graduate employment rate. On average, calendar year 2016 graduates available for employment were earning an average salary of $47,000 within six months of graduation or continuing to work on a graduate degree.


Careers in any of these fields are possible with a degree in agricultural economics or agribusiness:
Agricultural Law
Business Consulting
Commodity Merchandising
Finance & Insurance
Government Service
Human Resources
Natural Resources
Production Agriculture
Veterinary Medicine

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Dr. Elizabeth Yeager
Associate Professor and Director of Undergraduate Programs
343D Waters Hall
Phone: 785.532.4935

Cherie Hodgson
Academic Program Coordinator
343C Waters Hall
Phone: 785-532-4559