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Department of Agricultural Economics

M.S. in Agricultural Economics: Concentration in Agribusiness

Business, society and government have changed immensely during the past decade, and the pace of change is quickening. Firms are under relentless competitive pressures to reduce cost and add value. In this new climate, leaders need to be disciplined in critical thinking, commitment and the ability to inspire. They lead their companies into successful business alliances and relationships.

This on-campus master of science degree program is geared for students who wish to achieve the next level in the agricultural economics industry, public service or academia. Our students are prepared through practical and innovative teaching to meet current and future needs in the agricultural economics field.

The master's degree requirements in agricultural economics may be completed in one of two ways:

Students can complete a minimum of 30 semester credit hours, including preparation of a thesis for which 6 are awarded. The 30 hour program with thesis is structured to prepare students for careers in research or analysis, or to continue into a Ph.D. program.

Students also have the option of a minimum 36 credit hour program, which requires a paper rather than a thesis. This program allows for flexibility because of its fewer formal requirements. This program is geared to prepare students for careers in public service, commerce, and industry.

Students in both the 30 and 36 credit hour programs are required to take a final oral examination covering the subject matter in the major field and/or thesis material.

Course Requirements

M.S. Handbook

Graduate Program Information

For information regarding our on-campus Master's degree and Ph.D. options, please contact:

Dr. Dustin Pendell
Professor and Director of Graduate Studies
220 Waters Hall

For information on our online Master of Agribusiness program, please contact:

Dr. Allen Featherstone
Master of Agribusiness Program Director
342 Waters Hall

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