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Department of Agricultural Economics

Extension and Outreach

The K-State Department of Agricultural Economics has a long tradition of providing farm management, outlook, and risk management educational programs to crop and livestock producers.

Currently, the department’s educational efforts are quite varied including a number of high profile programs such as the award winning and comprehensive distance learning Kansas Income Tax Institute, Kansas Crop Insurance Workshop and Ag Lenders Conferences. The annual K-State Risk and Profit Conference exposes approximately 200 of Kansas’s most progressive producers and agricultural leaders to the latest applied research conducted by research and extension faculty. Overall, the department strives to provide timely research-based information to Kansas and U.S. citizens on important agricultural, natural resource, and economic development issues. Our programs are delivered in a variety of formats including conferences, workshops, publications, mass media, and extensive postings on the department’s extension resource website, AgManager.info.

Upcoming Extension Events
Extension Faculty and Staff

Vincent Amanor-Boadu
Chatura Ariyaratne
Art Barnaby
Brian Briggeman
Allen Featherstone
Terry Griffin
Gregg Hadley
Nathan Hendricks
Duane Hund
Gregory Ibendahl
John Leatherman
Rich Llewelyn
Dan O'Brien
Dustin Pendell
Robin Reid
Mykel Taylor
Glynn Tonsor
Leah Tsoodle