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Department of Agricultural Economics

Professional Conferences & Outreach Education

The Kansas State University Department of Agricultural Economics is proud to serve agricultural producers and agribusiness professionals with extension education programs on the K-State campus in Manhattan and around the state.  More conferences, workshops and seminars are listed on AgManager.info.

Ag Lenders

K-State's annual Agricultural Lenders Conferences are designed to provide the Kansas financial community with updates on current agricultural topics. Visit the website for more information.

KS Income Tax Institute

The program is intended for tax professionals and is designed to provide up-to-date training on current tax law, regulations, and updates.  The program will review recent cases and rulings and key legislation, provide an in-depth review and analysis of a number of tax areas, and cover newly enacted regulations and procedures critical to tax areas, and cover newly enacted regulations and procedures critical to tax practitioners.  The program stresses practical information to facilitate the filing of individual, small-business, and farm returns. Visit website to find out more about the Tax Institute series.

Lease Workshops

Price volatility in recent years, particularly in the grain markets, has led to difficulties for landlords and tenants to successfully determine and negotiate appropriate rental arrangements. This series of day-long workshops is being offered throughout Kansas to help landlords and tenants manage the risk associated with rental arrangements. Each workshop will be comprised of four parts. The first part will help participants better understand different rental arrangements, including cash rent, share rent, and the recently popular flex-rent arrangement, where rental rates can “flex” depending on changes in prices, yields, or both. The second part will include a discussion of ethics of leasing. The third section will provide computer training in using Excel spreadsheets. Finally, participants will be introduced to examples of alternative leasing scenarios and a decision-making tool, KSU-Lease, will be demonstrated. Participants will then have the opportunity to sharpen their skills via hands-on computer application sessions. Visit website to find out more about Lease Workshops.

Risk and Profit

An annual conference hosted by the Department of Agricultural Economics that provides an opportunity for key agricultural decision makers to interact with each other and with faculty on important topics in agriculture. Visit the website to find out more about the Risk and Profit conference.