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Department of Agricultural Economics


The AgManager.info website is a comprehensive source of information, analysis, and decision-making tools for agricultural producers, agribusinesses, and others. The site serves as a clearinghouse for applied outreach information emanating from the Department of Agricultural Economics at Kansas State University. It was created by combining departmental and faculty sites as well as creating new features exclusive to the AgManager.info site. The goal of this coordination is to improve the organization of web-based material and allow greater access for agricultural producers and other clientele.

Topics presented on the AgManager.info site include: crop and livestock marketing and outlook reports, crop insurance, farm management, agricultural policy, human resources, income tax and law, and agribusiness. Several topics include features that are updated weekly, encouraging repeat visits to the site. AgManager.info also contains decision-making tools, such as budget spreadsheets, and data sets that can encourage the agricultural industry to view AgManager.info as the most comprehensive and widely used university-sponsored website for applied research and economic outreach information.

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