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Department of Agricultural Economics

Matthew Ressegieu

mattThe Department of Agricultural Economics is pleased to present the 2010 Distinguished Alumnus Award to Matthew Ressegieu. This award is given to an alumus who has demonstrated significant professional achievement related to agricultural economics or agribusiness. Ressegieu is the managing member of MMR Enterprises, LLC, a large family business with holdings in Kansas, Nebraska, and Wyoming. During past years, Ressegieu has diversified the business, which now includes agricultural operations and land management in excess of 80,000 acres, commercial real estate, alternative energy exploration leases, and securities portfolio management.

Ressegieu received his Bachelor’s degree in Agricultural Economics with a minor in Accounting from K-State in 1981. Subsequently, he received his law degree from the University of Wyoming in 1990. He also completed his LLM in taxation from the University of Denver in 1995.

After being admitted as a CPA in Nebraska in 1984, Ressegieu worked as a tax accountant emphasizing partnership and corporate tax planning. As a practicing tax attorney, he provided legal services in the areas of estate, business, and retirement planning for high-level professionals and small business owners. Recently, he has continued to provide these planning services for clients as corporate counsel in advanced planning for a large financial services firm. In 2009, he had the opportunity to serve as an adjunct professor of business law at Emporia State University.