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Department of Agricultural Economics


Kansas State University is a land grant institution committed to academic excellence and enhancing multicultural diversity. As part of the University, the Department of Agricultural Economics embraces a multicultural philosophy and envisions a future grounded in the widest possible participation of all sectors of our society. Further, the University is committed to increasing the numbers of faculty and students of color, and to strengthening the position of minorities on this campus. 

The College of Agriculture provides students and faculty resources through the Office of Diversity Programs.

International Students

International relationships span the areas of business, economics and our geo-political environment reaching into the halls of the Department of Agricultural Economics. We place special emphasis on the  international arena because of its importance in the lives of our students.


We take pride in our international students and their rich cultural histories and backgrounds. The Department of Agricultural Economics strives to create a diverse, welcoming student community within its undergraduate and graduate degree programs. In our on-campus graduate programs 41 percent of our students are internationals. They come from various cultural and ethnic backgrounds including more than 20 countries. Our distance education MAB program has students from more than 30 countries enrolled.


International development, sustainability, and trade:  Working with developing countries to enhance agricultural productivity, develop markets, build transportation infrastructure, increase efficiency, adopt technology, and assist in education training. Investigating international markets, market opportunities and developments, food product regulations, and impacts of trade policy on domestic and international consumers, producers, industry. 




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