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Department of Agricultural Economics

Recent Dissertations

Below is a list of dissertations by doctoral students in agricultural economics. View complete list of theses and dissertations from the Department of Agricultural Economics on the K-State Research Exchange.

YearStudentDissertation TitleMajor Professor
2016Graciela AndrangoEssays on Extension Education and Farmers Adoption of Oilseeds, Crops and Conservation Practices

Timothy Dalton     

Jason Bergtold

 Sheng GongEssays on Conservation Adoption and Discrete Choice ModelingJason Bergtold
 Ji Yong LeeEssays in Three Design Issues in Experimental AuctionsSean Fox
 Krishna PokharelEssays on Measuring Efficiency and Productivity of Agricultural CooperativesAllen Featherstone 
 Xia ShangFood Safety Impacts on US Domestic Meat Demand and International Red Meat TradeGlynn Tonsor
 Rulianda WibowoOptimal Irrigation Strategy with Limited Water Availability Accounting for the Risk from Weather Uncertainty Nathan Hendricks
2013Jason FewellEssays on Kansas Farmers' Willingness To Adopt Alternative Energy Crops and Conservation PracticesJason Bergtold
 Bryon ParmonEconomies of scale for data envelopment analysis with a Kansas farm applicationVincent Amanor-Boaudu
2012Lee SchulzEssays on demand enhancement by food industry participantsTed Schroeder
 Alexi ThompsonThree Essays on the Environmental Kuznets Curve for Water PollutionJeff Peterson
 Koichi YamauraWorld Markets of Vertically Differentiated Agricultural Commodities: A Case of Soybean MarketsTian Xia
2011Craig Matthew SmithAn analysis of alternative soil, nutrient, and water management strategiesJeffery R. Williams
 Elizabeth YeagerImpact of Risk on Cost and Revenue EfficienciesMichael Langemeier
2009Amin W. MugeraProductivity Growth, Convergence, and Attribution Dynamics in the Kansas Farm SectorMichael Langemeier
 Sreedhar UpendruamIrrigation Scheduling, Crop Choices, and Impact of Irrigation Technology Upgrade on the Kansas High Plains AquiferJeff Peterson
2008Yun Ju ChenConsumer Preferences for Wool Production AttributesHikaru Hanawa Peterson
 John Micheal RileyProducer Perception of Fed Cattle Price RiskTed Schroeder
 Alexandra GregoryOptimal Economic Design of Mail Surveys: An Application to Consumer Demand for Irradiated FoodsSean Fox
2007L.Lanier NalleyThe Genetic and Economic Impact of the CIMMYT Wheat Breeding Program: A Policy Analysis of Public Wheat BreedingAndrew Barkley
 Zhifeng GaoEffects of Additional Quality Attributes on Consumer Willingness to Pay for Food LabelsTed Shroeder
 Preceles ManzoImplementation of Tariff Rate Quotes in the PhillipinesAndrew Barkley
 Yapo N’GuessanEconomic impact of ethanol production on U.S. livestock sector: a spatial analysis of corn and distillers grain shipmentTerry Kastens
2006Luc ValentinWelfare Imacts of GMO Adoption on the Marketing ChainJeff Peterson
 Adriana Chacon-CuscanteThe EU Banana Market: Demand Estimation and Evaluation of the New Import RegimeJohn Crespi
 Sarah DorseyMeasuring the Impact of Integration and Diversification on Firm Value in the Food IndustryMichael Boland
 Dustin PendellValue of Animal Traceability Systems in Managing a Food and Mouth Disease Outbreak in Southwest KansasTed Schroeder
 Glynn TonsorFeedlot Cattle Crush: Joint Distribution Model Development, Evaluation, and ApplicationTed Schroeder
2005Hanas Abdul CaderRural Competitiveness in a Changing Economy: Information Technology, E-Commerce, Entrepreneurship, and Small Business DevelopmentJohn Leatherman
 January MafuruUtilizing a Sub-Sector Characteristcs Approach to Determining Adoption of Agricultural Technologies: The Case of Improved Sorghum Variation in Lake Zone, TanzaniaDavid Norman
 Brian CoffeyMicro-Level Analysis of Consumer Meat DemandTed Schroeder
 Molly BrantAymptotically Ideal Model: Applications to Agricultural EconomicsAllen Featherstone
 Leah TsoodleThe Impact of Preferential Assessment of Agricultural Land on Housing AffordabilityAllen Featherstone
 Bill GoldenThe Value of Water Rights in the Rattlesnake Creek Sub-Basin: A Spatial Hedonic AnalysisTerry Kastens
 2004Ebenezer OgunyinkaAn Examination of International Agricultural Productivity, Technological Bias, and Efficiency GainsMichael Langemeier
 Kranti MulikGeographical Indications and the Trade Related Property Rights (TRIPS): A Case Study of BasmatiJohn Crespi
 Odeh OluwarotimiAgricultural Credit Institutions and Loan DefaultAllen Featherstone