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Department of Agricultural Economics

KFMA Economist Directory

Name Email
Althauser, CraigExecutive Extension Agricultural Economist - NEcalthaus@k-state.edu
Boline, AmyExtension Agricultural Economist - NEarboline@ksu.edu
Bourbon, HannahExtension Agricultural Economist - SE hberns@k-state.edu
Bryant, LindsayExtension Agricultural Economist - SWlmbryant@ksu.edu
Claassen, CamilleExtension Agricultural Economist - SCcclaass@k-state.edu
Dikeman, MarkCoordinator of Professional Development and Training dikemanm@k-state.edu
Dye, JordanAssociate Extension Agricultural Economist - SEjdye@k-state.edu
Feldkamp, WillExtension Agricultural Economist- NCstang@k-state.edu
Hargrave, TrentonExtension Agricultural Economist - NC
Heiman, TravisExtension Agricultural Economist - NE heimant@k-state.edu
Holland, CodyExecutive Extension Agricultural Economist - SE codyholland@k-state.edu
Huschka, JamesExtension Agricultural Economist - SE jhuschka@k-state.edu
Jonie JamesExtension Agricultural Economist - SCjjames@ksu.edu
Kohman, RobertExecutive Extension Agricultural Economist - NCrdk6699@k-state.edu
Laird, ScottExtension Agricultural Economist - SEscottl@k-state.edu
Manny, BryanExtension Agricultural Economist- SC bmanny@k-state.edu
Meisenheimer, AaronAssociate Extension Agricultural Economist- SCameisenheimer@ksu.edu
Milliman, ClintExtension Agricultural Economist - NW milliman@k-state.edu
Myers, SandyExtension Agricultural Economist - SWslm4333@k-state.edu
Poston, AshleyExtension Agricultural Economist - SEashleyposton@k-state.edu
Rempe, DavidExtension Agricultural Economist- NC drempe@k-state.edu
Ruff, ShaneExtension Agricultural Economist - NWsruff@k-state.edu
Simons, ClayExecutive Extension Agricultural Economist - SC csimons@k-state.edu
Steele, JordanExtension Agricultural Economist - NWjordanraysteele@k-state.edu
Stithem, KimberAssociate Extension Agricultural Economist - SEkimberk@ksu.edu
Stucky, DouglasExecutive Extension Agricultural Economist - SWdstucky@k-state.edu
Wood, Mark A.Executive Extension Agricultural Economist - NWmawood@k-state.edu