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Department of Agricultural Economics

Technology requirements for students in Agribusiness and Agricultural Economics

Agribusiness and Agricultural Economics undergraduate students are required to have a laptop—PC or Mac—with Microsoft Office 365. As students, you can purchase Microsoft Office 365 for $79.95. For that price you get a 4-year subscription that includes ongoing version updates, 20GB Skydrive online storage and 60 minutes Skype calling per month. (The pricing and benefits are as of December 2013.) When buying a new laptop, ask for assurance that it can handle Office 365.

Buy no antivirus software. K-State requires use of Trend Micro antivirus and also recommends Trend Micro OfficeScan to combat spyware/adware. Both are free to download at antivirus.k-state.edu. K-State also recommends downloading Spybot Search & Destroy (free) from www.spybot.info to complement the other programs.