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Department of Agricultural Economics

Sean Fox



218 Waters Hall
Manhattan, KS 66506
785.532.6925 | Fax



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B.S., Agricultural Science, University College Dublin, Ireland, 1989
Ph.D., Agricultural Economics, Iowa State University, 1994

Research Interests and Experience

My research focuses on food safety and non-market valuation. Much of my work involves the design and implementation of surveys, market experiments, and retail trials to assess consumer preferences and to estimate values for food safety, new food products, technologies, and information. It includes studies on food irradiation, cloning, country-of-origin labeling, genetic modification, guaranteed tenderness in steaks, and milk from animals treated with bST. Using non-hypothetical valuation experiments in which participants actually purchase and consume food products has been a feature in much of my work, and results have demonstrated significant differences in valuation between hypothetical (survey) and non-hypothetical (auction) contexts. Risk is invariably an important element in assessing valuations of new, sometimes controversial, food technologies. Many of my projects have involved assessing both preferences for and perceptions of various risks, and how those preferences/perceptions respond to new information from various sources (Government, industry, and etc).

Teaching Responsibilities

AGEC 420 | Commodity Futures | Fall and Spring | On Campus
AGEC 760 | Applied Econometrics | Fall and Spring | MAB Program

Areas of Specialization

Consumer economics: Most of my work has been conducted in a multi-disciplinary team environment with other economists and food scientists and has led to a number of co-authored publications in a variety of journals.

Key Publications

Bernard, J.C., K. Gifford, H.H. Peterson, J.A. Fox, and L. Hildebrand. "Prospects for U.S. Rice in Japanese Retail Markets under COOL: A Sensory Experiment." Journal of International Food & Agribusiness Marketing. Forthcoming 2015

Fox, J.A. and L.L. Ward. “Grain Production and Consumption: Cereal Grains in North America.” Chapter 4.8, Encyclopedia of Food Grains, Elsevier. Forthcoming 2015.

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