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Department of Agricultural Economics

Department of Agricultural Economics
342 Waters Hall
Kansas State University
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Graduate Programs

We live in a world of perpetual change. Consider business, food and agriculture, society, government, and the natural environment: how have these industries and entities changed over time? And how has this change affected our expectations, our goals, and how we work?

Firms are under more relentless competitive pressures than ever to not only reduce cost and add value but to predict and react to changing circumstances. To keep up with population growth, the world food supply will need to double in 50 years. Government agencies need specialists trained in the economics of natural resources and environmental issues so that they may better advise policy makers. Overseas agencies need to network with specialists who understand both the intricacies of international trade and also the importance of international development.

Sure, the world is constantly changing, but change paves the way for opportunity for you.

The Department of Agricultural Economics at Kansas State University is a leader in preparing highly skilled professionals who take their knowledge and research to tackle the most relevant issues facing industry. Our nationally ranked graduate programs offer several options for students wishing to pursue a Master's degree or doctorate-level program:

Graduate Program Information

For information regarding our on-campus Master's degree and Ph.D. options, please contact:
John (Sean) Fox
Professor and Director of Graduate Studies
218 Waters Hall
Manhattan, KS 66506
785.532.6925 | Fax

Jenny Merrill
Graduate Program Coordinator
331H Waters Hall


For information on our online Master of Agribusiness program, please contact:
Allen Featherstone
Master of Agribusiness Program Director
341 B Waters Hall
Phone: 785.532.4441

Graduate Student of Agricultural Economics Club