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Department of Agricultural Economics

Agricultural Economics and Agribusiness Club

2016-2017 officers

President: Lindy Bilberry
Vice President: 
Social Co-Chair: 
Ag Council Representative: 

Advisors: Aleksan Shanoyan and Keith Harris

The Agricultural Economics/Agribusiness Club fosters the following areas:

  • Student interaction with students in agriculture and related fields
  • Student interaction with Ag Econ Department faculty and staff
  • Student interaction with industry leaders and company representatives

Some club events include:

  • Fall and Spring Trips: Chicago, Arkansas, Kansas City, Topeka
  • Volunteer service projects: Relay for Life
  • Intramural activities: Co-ed volleyball
  • Social events: Bowling, bonfires, barbeques
  • Fundraising activities: Cleanups, departmental fundraising

The club meets the 1st and 3rd Tuesday of every month at 6 p.m.