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Department of Agricultural Economics

Professional Conferences & Outreach Education

The Kansas State University Department of Agricultural Economics is proud to serve agricultural producers and agribusiness professionals with extension education programs on the K-State campus in Manhattan:

Ag Lenders

Agricultural Lenders Conference. Visit the website for more information.

Ag Profitability

These events are hosted across the state during the months of January and February. Visit the website for more information.


Excel Workshops

The ability to use Excel spreadsheets allows users to have the capability to benefit from the many Excel calculators and tools publicly available. These day-long workshops will provide hands-on Excel training. The workshops will use laptop computers to allow participants to create their own spreadsheets. Various spreadsheets will be created which will teach the following skills: creating appropriate mathematical formulae and using the correct functions, linking between sheets, using absolute and relative references, formatting, copying, look-up tables, and what-if analysis. In addition, a portion of the afternoon session will introduce several of the Excel tools on the AgManager.info website and allow participants to use these tools in a situation where they can ask questions of the workshop presenters.

KS Income Tax Institute

Lease Workshops

Price volatility in recent years, particularly in the grain markets, has led to difficulties for landlords and tenants to successfully determine and negotiate appropriate rental arrangements. This series of day-long workshops is being offered throughout Kansas to help landlords and tenants manage the risk associated with rental arrangements. Each workshop will be comprised of four parts. The first part will help participants better understand different rental arrangements, including cash rent, share rent, and the recently popular flex-rent arrangement, where rental rates can “flex” depending on changes in prices, yields, or both. The second part will include a discussion of ethics of leasing. The third section will provide computer training in using Excel spreadsheets. Finally, participants will be introduced to examples of alternative leasing scenarios and a decision-making tool, KSU-Lease, will be demonstrated. Participants will then have the opportunity to sharpen their skills via hands-on computer application sessions.

Risk and Profit

A comprehensive seminar dedicated to providing producers with the most up to date information to enhance their operations. Visit the website to find out more about the Risk and Profit conference.


Changes in farm legislation, including the SURE and ACRE programs, expanded bio-fuels and ethanol, combined with volatile crop prices have caused many producers need to consider different methods for managing yield and price risk.

This workshop will introduce producers to an integrated marketing/production management approach that combines government programs, crop insurance and alternative marketing techniques. Among the topics addressed in this workshop are: Crop Insurance (YP, RP, RP-HPE), SURE and ACRE programs, futures, put and call options, forward contracts, marketing loans, and basis contracts.