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Department of Agricultural Economics

Christine Wilson

Christine Wilson

314 Waters Hall
Manhattan, KS 66506
785.532.6925 | Fax

Curriculum Vitae

B.S., Agribusiness, Kansas State University, 1994
M.S., Agricultural Economics, K-State, 1996
Ph.D., Agricultural Economics, K-State, 2001

Research Interests and Experience

Dr. Wilson’s research focuses on agricultural finance, agribusiness, and agribusiness and farm management issues. Dr. Wilson is originally from southwestern Kansas where she was raised on a diversified grain and livestock farm. She began her career in industry, working as a grain market analyst for Koch Industries. She then returned to the university as an Extension Economist for Kansas State University focusing on farm management and land use value appraisal. In 2001, Wilson joined the faculty at Purdue University teaching a variety of Agricultural Economics courses and conducting research in the agricultural finance, agribusiness, and farm management areas. In 2008, Wilson returned to K-State as the Assistant Dean of Academic Programs for Current Student Services and Retention and Associate Professor in Agricultural Economics. In 2015, Wilson rejoined the faculty full-time in the Department of Agricultural Economics as Professor and Director of Undergraduate Programs.

Teaching Responsibilities

AGEC 105 | Agricultural Economics and Agribusiness Orientation | Fall |
On Campus
AGEC 115 | Decision Tools for Agricultural Economics and Agribusiness |
Spring | On Campus
AGEC 202 | Small Business Operations | Fall | On Campus
AGEC 513 | Agricultural Finance| Fall | On Campus
AGEC 720| Agribusiness Risk Management | Fall and Spring | MAB Program

Areas of Specialization

Agricultural Finance
Agribusiness and Farm Management

Key Publications

Brewer, B.E., C.A. Wilson, A.M. Featherstone, and M.R. Langemeier. “Multiple vs. Single Lending Relationships in the Agricultural Sector.” Agricultural Finance Review, 74:(2014):55-68.

Schurle, B., A.M. Featherstone, C.A. Wilson, and D. Crosson. “Land Prices During Periods of Rapid Change.” Journal of the ASFMRA (2013):61-71.

Schurle, B., C.A. Wilson, A.M. Featherstone, H. Remaury, and J. Harmon. “Asset Bubbles, Inflation, and Agricultural Land Values.” Journal of the ASFMRA (2012):135-147.

Brewer, B.E., C.A. Wilson, A.M. Featherstone, M. Harris, K. Erickson, and C. Hallahan. “Measuring the Financial Health of U.S. Production Agriculture.” Journal of the ASFMRA (2012):178-193.