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Department of Agricultural Economics

Mykel Taylor

Associate ProfessorMykel Taylor

331 G Waters Hall
Manhattan, KS 66506
785.532.6925 | Fax


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B.S., Agricultural Business Management, Montana State University, 2000
M.S., Applied Economics, Montana State University, 2001
Ph.D., Economics, North Carolina State University, 2008

Research Interests and Experience

Mykel Taylor joined the faculty in 2011 as assistant professor of agricultural economics with a major appointment in extension. Her areas of focus include food safety and consumer demand, grain marketing, and agricultural land values. Taylor was an assistant professor and extension specialist for the School of Economic Sciences at Washington State University.

Areas of Specialization

Farm Management
Grain Marketing (extension areas)

Key publications

Taylor, M.R., and G.T. Tonsor. 2013. “Revealed Demand for Country of Origin Labeling of Meat in the United States.” Journal of Agricultural and Resource Economics, (forthcoming).

Taylor, M.R., and E. Sieverkropp. 2013. “The Impacts of U.S. Horse Slaughter Plant Closures on a Western Regional Horse Market.” Journal of Agricultural and Resource Economics, 38(1):48-63.

Taylor, M.R., and K.C. Dhuyvetter. 2013. “2012 Kansas County-Level Land Values and Cash Rents.” Kansas State University, Department of Agricultural Economics, Publication AM-MRT-2013.1.