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Department of Agricultural Economics

Videos from the Department of Agricultural Economics

This page includes videos from our students, faculty, staff, alumni, extension, outreach education, industry professionals and producers.

Featured Video:

View this video to learn about the benefits of attending the 2015 Risk and Profit Conference.

Click here for details about the 2015 Risk and Profit Conference.

Department Videos by Category


Risk and Profit 

Annual conference videos on research and featured producers.

Extension Programming

Direct research sources for Extension videos and project information.


Faculty members bid farewell to the Agricultural Economics program.

Centers of Ag Econ

Outreach centers supported by the department.


Agricultural Economics alumni and Department Head Allen Featherstone in March 31, 2015 Farm Factor


Agriculture Symposium hosted by Alpha Gamma Rho Fraternity discusses the need to feed a hungry planet and the demand for food that will continue to rise. Department alumni speaking in this program include Co-Manager of AgriSync Jerrod Westfahl, President of Cargill Food Distribution John Neimann, and Department Head Allen Featherstone.

For more information, contact Tom Reust at tomreust@ksu.edu.

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