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Department of Agricultural Economics

Ways to Give

The Department of Agricultural Economics is proud of our traditions of excellence in the classroom, in providing practical research solutions for the community, and service to our profession. Our many friends and alumni are key partners who help us enrich our programs for students and faculty. Such support is highly-valued and is crucial in this era of diminishing state funding for higher education.

There are several avenues by which you can help the Department of Agricultural Economics. The Department is fortunate to have several funds that are supported by our alumni and friends. These funds are managed by the KSU Foundation and is dedicated to undergraduate scholarships, graduate students, and general purpose departmental support. Please send gifts to the Department of Agricultural Economics and note on your check or money order the fund to which you want to designate your gift.

All gifts to the Department of Agricultural Economics are tax-deductible to the extent of the law and greatly appreciated. Your support enables us to complement our programs for students and faculty in ways that simply would not be possible otherwise. Thank you for helping sustain the excellence of our department.

Agricultural Economics Excellence FundD15290To be expended for student scholarships and other activities on behalf of students.
Ag Econ Emeritus Faculty and Friends FundO50290A fund established by departmental emeritus faculty to provide scholarships for graduate students or prospective graduate students, or undergraduate student admitted to the graduate program in agricultural economics at K-State whose graduate program benefit the Kansas agricultural economy.
Master of Agribusiness Fund (MAB)O01137For students properly enrolled in the COA Master of Agribusiness program at KSU. Priority given to prospective students who do not have access to tuition sharing programs through their employer.
Arthur Capper Cooperative Center C55950To support educational programs that enhance the understanding of the nature and role of cooperatives in our society.
Coolidge (J.H.) Farm Management FundD58235The fund enhances KFMA programs developed at KSU for Kansans. Focusing on recruitment, orientation and training prospective KFMA economists.
Risk Management CenterD84855To support the development of the Center for Risk Management Education and Research
Undergraduate Student Funds If you would like to create a special scholarship for undergraduate students, please don't hesitate to contact Kim Schrier at kims@found.ksu.edu.

Please send gifts to:
Department of Agricultural Economics
342 Waters Hall
Kansas State University
Manhattan, KS 66506

For more information about giving to the department, contact:

Dr. Allen Featherstone
Department Head
341 B Waters Hall
Phone: 785.532.4441

Alumni Resources

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Stay Connected

We are always pleased to hear from our alumni and include your updates in our newsletters and department communications.  Please email, fax, or mail an update to:

Amanda Erichsen
304 A Waters Hall
Department of Agricultural Economics
Manhattan, KS 66506
Fax: 785.532.6925